Bird Control

pigeonWhen dealing with Avian Pests it is important that the correct method of treatment is used.

Envirochoice Ltd with their team of expert Technicians are able to give you the correct method of treatment to avoid overspending and embarrassing failures. Having over 20 years experience in bird control we are able to identify and apply the solution quickly and discretely. Methods available are:

  • Scaring
  • Bird Spikes
  • Netting
  • Bird Free
  • Dogs
  • Electrical Deterrents,

As a company who believes in prevention, many of our services and systems do just that, but if the job at hand requires a different approach then let our Falconry team take a look.


seagulls-landfillFalconry is a method of bird control where birds of prey are used as a visual deterrent. We use our specially trained Hawks and Falcons to fly around problem areas, thus creating their own territory. This then gives all local pest birds the feeling that the area is dangerous and they will avoid it. We have vast experience and knowledge in areas such as:

  • stadium
  • landfills
  • industrial sites
  • shopping centres
  • town areas
  • farms
  • ports
  • transfer stations

Our Falconers are fully trained and qualified under the Lantra Award and are fully insured and CRB checked.