Pest Control

Bedbug (1)Envirochoice offers a professional and speedy service to deal with your pest control needs. We use our experience to find effective solutions and treatments that suit you and your business. Highly trained and qualified technicians will attend and carry out regular visits to ensure your business remains pest free and any infestations are dealt with immediately.

Without effective control, pests have the potential to:

  • Increase contamination and spread disease
  • Destroy your reputation
  • Cause costly damage to your property, product or stock held


Insects, rodents and birds can contaminate food, operational equipment and work surfaces with their excreta, hairs or body parts. Many carry bacteria or parasites which may be passed onto humans, increasing the public health risk.

Rodents have caused serious electrical fires by gnawing away at insulation around electrical cables, floods by puncturing pipes and could simply eat a wide variety of stock. Insect infestation can be expensive too. They can halt production processes, cause whole consignments to be rejected, lead to full product recalls or, worse, loss of contracts.

Bird droppings from pigeons and starlings will cause buildings to become unsightly while their nests can block guttering or chimney flu’s and even act as an insect reservoir.

Prosecutions and fines for pest-infested premises are guaranteed to make the news headlines. Lost business means lost profits and loss of consumer confidence.

Pest Prevention

It is now a requirement of increasing numbers of food outlets that their premises are audited regularly with Pest Control measures in place and properly protected to comply with high standards set by industry regulators and health and safety inspectors. We are able to offer a fully qualified Field Biologist to assist with this process.

Prevention is always better than the cure

Find out more about our pest prevention services by giving us a call on 01827 254971. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and friendliness of our staff, and we are confident we can help you and your business.