Kitchen Cleaning

We can make your kitchen spotless!

We use the Tegras Ductwork cleaning system, which eliminates harmful materials that may cause fires in the kitchen extraction system


This also eliminates climbing into duct work; this also reduces working at height. This is important for business running commercial kitchens that abide by the TR/19 document and RC44.

  • A Safer and more thorough way to having Kitchen extraction and ductwork cleaned
  • System is now a preferred method of cleaning in accordance with the newly re-written TR19 Document and RC44
  • No more crawling into ductwork
  • A reduction of working at height
  • All of the ductwork cleaned including the previously none accessible
  • A reduction of kitchen downtime during cleaning


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tegrab-2The Tegras Multipro kitchen extraction duct work system gets to areas of kitchen duct extraction that previously have been impossible to clean. Ensuring that the whole system is cleaned and that the customers insurance therefore remains valid.

Using the most advanced system available on the market today, we are able to offer Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning to a standard that is unrivalled. We provide your restaurant, hotel or business with the most up to date Extraction System Cleaning technology, which significantly reduces the downtime on the cleaning of your Extraction System by up to 70%, meaning minimal disruption to your business.

This revolutionary cleaning system cleans all of the extract system, giving our customer the confidence that their System will have been cleaned to TR/19 standards. Using the Tegras System.

tegrab-1The TR19 Document has been re-written to include Tegras system as the recommended solution for a safer and more thorough method to remove the fire hazards greases from the ductwork and extraction system.